Bitcoin Doubler Script

Bitcoin Doubler Script – launch your bitcoin investment project with powerful script.

Bitcoin Doubler Script is the customized web script developed to attract investors and run bitcoin investment in a simpler, secure and user friendly way. The bitcoin doubler business model is attractive and trending. With a powerful marketing and best in class presentation, this can be a winning project.

The requirements of Bitcoin Doubler website is not much different from the basic Bitcoin HYIP Investment website script

The main customization from the basic script are the Payment Methods and Investment Plan Structure. The script readily supports the Bitcoin Deposit Method, so the additional customization we need to make is, just tweak the investment plan.

If you set the Interest Rate as 4% and the investment period is 25 Days, at the end of the 25 Days (or Business Days ), the investment amount will be doubled.

Key Features

By carefully doing tweaks in interest rate & deposit term, the script can be tweaked to Bitcoin Doubler Web Application. The key features in Bitcoin Doubler Website Script are

  1. Fully Automated
  2. User Friendly Design
  3. Powerful Admin Control Panel
  4. Integrated Bitcoin Wallet
  5. Seem less Integration with Block Explorer
  6. Powerful admin control panel
  7. In-built Referral Marketing Tools
  8. In-built CMS for quick page development
  9. Firewall, OTP & Google 2FA for security
  10. Review Management
  11. Invite Friends
  12. Banners & Social Links Management
  13. Live Statistics
  14. Integrated Support Ticker Management
  15. Integrated News & News Feed Management
  16. Integrated Newsletter Management
  17. FAQ Management
  18. Analytics Integration
  19. Google Re-captcha for Spam Protection.


  1. 100% Full Open Source Code
  2. Include 3 Month Technical Support
  3. Free Installation
  4. Unique Template Design
  5. 100% Money Back Guarantee

Technology Stack

  1. Built with Laravel PHP Framework
  2. UI Development with VueJS
  3. TailwindCSS – the Utility based CSS Framework
  4. Ngnix
  5. Mysql

Our team is experienced in developing Blockchain Application and doing custom development of Blockchain based web application and blockchain mobile applications. Please contact the support team for customization.

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