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VueJS based HYIP Interest Calculator Tool  -Free Open Source

LaraHYIP Team is happy to release the HYIP Interest Calculator as an Open Source. In HYIP Calculator Script, you can simply define the plans in a JSON, and the calculator lets you know the interest for the given period and amount. This HYIP Interest calculator tool can be used on HYIP Website.

LaraHYIP - HYIP Calculator Script Code

Calculating Interest is the key functional element in any HYIP Software. The modern-day Investment Business demands more interest calculation options other than traditional banking.

Example 1: if the HYIP Site Owner invests his money in Forex/Share Market, he likes to pay interest only on the Business Days.

Example 2: The HYIP Site owners investing in Oil / Commodity may like to pay interest on Weekly Basis.

The recent trend is Investing in cryptocurrency markets. The HYIP sites investing in cryptocurrency mainly prefer to set Variable Interest Rates Daily.

The complexity of the HYIP Program is clearly based on the Interest calculation options.

We developed this simple hyip interest calculator tool, as an Open source initiative. Simply download the tool from Github and run it on your local machine. Change the plans in JSON and you might be playing with results.

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