Start your own HYIP Investment Site

Starting an HYIP Investment website needs some basic planning and knowledge. Here we sum up them as an article

HYIP Business Plan

Every business needs planning. But if you are planning to start an HYIP investment website, you need to spend some more hours (may be weeks) in developing a Business Plan. The plan should detail the Investment Packages, it’s duration, rate of interest and interest cycle.

HYIP Business Presentation

The most common method to detail a business is the making a Power-Point or Keynote Presentation that details the Executive Summary, Key Business Focus Areas, SWOT and ROI. You can find the some impressive presentations in our resources section.

The Graphical Assets

Each Business needs an Identity and Visual Representation. Based on your key business area develop a Graphical Asset Kit.  For example, if your business focus on Foreign Exchange, Crypto Currency or Travel, you need to develop graphical assets that truely represent the business domain.

HYIP Manager Script

Ofcourse you need a good HYIP Manager Script to run your business. There are lot of hyip scripts available in the market, google for it and check their demos and feature set. We are confident you’ll end up with LaraHYIP – The best hyip manager script in the market.

The Domain Name

A domain name is the must have for any online business.  You need to register a domain name. The best practice is to register a domain from trusted providers and book it for minimum of 5 Years.
HYIP Server

HYIP Server

There are thousands of Server and Hosting Providers available in the Market.  Before choosing the server, just check for the Support not the price. The server provider should have good support, backup and recovery setup. If you are looking for a long term business invest some time in Learning the server technology. Another cool way is to hire a Freelancer  System Admin

The Merchant Accounts

HYIP as Business needs a solid understanding of Payment Gateways and Payment Merchant Account.  To run HYIP as Business, you need to signup the most commonly used e-currency payment gateways.

The HYIP Referral Program

All HYIP Business Plans includes a referral program. A referral program is helpful for building the business.  It adviseable for business owners to spend sometime in desiging the referral program, the referral program banner assets.

The HYIP Bonus Program

The most common practice in HYIP Industry is to use Bonus Program to motivate the investors. The most common bonus is Join-in Bonus or  First Deposit Bonus. Performance bonus are also commonly used.

The HYIP Monitoring

Registering with HYIP Monitoring websites is the most common practice among the HYIP webmasters. Before starting the HYIP websites, it is adviseable to do a Google on Popular HYIP Monitoring websites and build an action list to
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