HYIP Lister Script is also known as HYIP Monitor Script or HYIP Lister Program. Basically it is the type Directory or Ad listing script but it lists only the HYIP Programs ( High Yield Investing Programs ).

The main purpose of the HYIP Listing Script is to make it easy for Investors to track the payment status of the HYIP Website and avoid being scammed. Hence therefore the key feature of any HYIP Listing Script is the Scam or Payment Status Reporting.

Basically the script offers 3 User Types

  • The Admin ( who owns & run the websites )
  • The Webmaster or Advertiser ( who owns the HYIP Website & run HYIP Program )
  • The Subscribers ( Registered users of the HYIP Lister Script )

The key features of the software can be defined based on the user activity

Admin Can

  • Manage all the Users
  • Manage the Listing Plans ( Free Plan / Paid Plan / Plan Duration Settings )
  • Set the Listing Groups ( Category )
  • Manage the Listing or Ads ( Create / Edit / Delete / Suspend / Highlight )
  • Manage Status
  • Manage Reviews
  • Manage Votes & Star rating

Webmaster / Advertiser Can

  • Publish the web site / program detail
  • Answer the comments

Users / Subscribers

  • Browse through the ads
  • Bookmark ads
  • Add reviews
  • Vote the Listings
  • Subscribe for alters

Design Features of the HYIP Lister Script 

  • Turn Key Installation
  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsive Website
  • Integrated Ad Placement
  • Integrated Payment ( Bitcoin )

Free License for HYIP Lister Script / HYIP Monitor Script 

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Additional Services / Customization 

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