Bitcoin MLM Systems or Bitcoin based MLM Software are the key discussion points in our development team.

Bitcoin is the currency of new age. It impacts the finance world and taking the finance and commerce to the new direction. Bitcoin is not just the Cryptocurrency, it is the business opportunity. Bitcoin Millionaire are the great example for this.

Bitcoin created many business opportunities like Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Crypto Asset based financial systems. The MLM Industry can take the best advantage on the bitcoin and blockchain eco-system.

Blockchain based MLM system is not being in focus now, but the utility coins and token markets, ICO Platforms are the key examples of Blockchain implementation on the Network Marketing Industry.

The advantages of Bitcoin for MLM Systems

  • High Transparency
  • Audit System
  • Decimal
  • Lower fees comparing to international banking

Few blockchain based e-commerce system are in development and we can see the good applications in near future.

Our team working on the Free MLM software, that take advantage of Bitcoin as cryptocurrency and as the blockchain.