The end users can easily invest their fiat money into the DeFi market using Bitlocus’ “Fiat-DeFi Investments Management Platform” without having to deal with crypto.

The platform’s native utility token, BTL, is critical to its operation. It is used to cover some platform costs, reward Bitlocus product ecosystem users, and unlock features only available to token holders, such as exclusive DeFi packages or higher yields.

How does Bitlocus work?       

Bitlocus focuses on introducing an excellent fiat-to-DeFi management platform to the market, which will alleviate some of the challenges that users may face when entering the DeFi market as fiat holders. The platform aims to reduce costs, eliminate some risks associated with the DeFi space, and improve user experience. Bitlocus operates at the crossroads of centralized and decentralized finance, and as such, it is a member of the nascent but rapidly growing CeDeFi sector.

Bitlocus mainly serves two types of clients: fiat-based and crypto-based. They will be able to act in the same Bitlocus environment but will not directly interact with one another due to the basic principle driving this product. Furthermore, Fiat customers do not interact directly with cryptos; rather, the platform handles everything to and from the DeFi ecosystem, making it more affordable, quick, and secure.

What Sets Bitlocus Apart?

Bitlocus is designed to act as an easily accessible link between traditional and decentralized finance by offering a variety of streamlined investment packages that can be purchased with fiat but produce a return thanks to cutting-edge DeFi protocols.

Low-Cost DeFi

Bitlocus benefits from Terra’s low transaction costs because it is built on it. Bitlocus may no longer charge fees for converting fiat to crypto when entering or exiting the DeFi gateway in the future. This will result in a lower cost, which is common when switching from fiat to DeFi. Furthermore, by lowering the entry barrier, DeFi becomes more accessible, allowing investors of all income levels to take advantage of it.

Elimination of Risks

Every investment carries some risk. Some risks, particularly in crypto, include exit scams, protocol and smart contract errors, stablecoin de-pegs, and so on. These should be considered when implementing any investment strategy because they are essential to investing in DeFi.Bitlocus assists in reducing these risks through various procedures such as manual vetting, rate risk hedging, a guarantee fund, and optional insurance alternatives.

The HYIP Market

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Final Summary

Bitlocus is expanding the DeFi world and bringing more people into the blockchain sector. It provides security by only selecting investments that are safe and well-managed. Furthermore, by providing a simple solution that allows traditional finance investors to begin investing in DeFi financial investments, the world of DeFi becomes more appealing and accessible to a broader audience.