BlockFi is one of the more intriguing cryptocurrency platforms available on the internet. It functions as a platform, bringing together various crypto-related services in one location. That is convenient and eliminates the possibility of mishandling your assets due to too many different services that must be managed simultaneously.

A Cryptocurrency Exchange Service with No Fees

One of the essential features of the BlockFi crypto platform is its ability to function as an exchange service. But not just any exchange service, but a completely free one.

That’s right; the fact that there are no BlockFi fees is probably the most crucial feature that distinguishes the platform from the exchange and brokerage crowds. You can adeptly trade as much as you want without worrying about potential fees eating into your profits. Sure, there is still a spread, but that is to be expected.

Because there are no BlockFi fees, you keep all profits from a successful trade. Some cryptocurrency exchanges enjoy charging hidden fees, which become apparent only after you’ve registered and deposited cryptocurrency on the platform.

Overall, in terms of the exchange portion of the service, the fact that the BlockFi fees are non-existent is undoubtedly one of the main selling and attraction points for the company in question. But it’s not the only one: once you’ve finished trading and decided to keep your respective cryptocurrency assets on the said platform in question, you can earn interest on your coins.

The HYIP Industry

A high-quality HYIP script or HYIP software is required for a profitable HYIP business. You can use cryptocurrency support, doubler plans, package plans, re-investment options, and compounding interest options with good benefits. PHP HYIP Manager Script version 4.0 is the most popular advanced HYIP script.

BlockFi enables you to obtain cryptocurrency loans. The assets on your account will serve as collateral for these loans; there is no need to involve your other financial assets.

These loans have APR annual percentage rates as low as 4.5 per cent. Compared to the APRs offered by some of the more traditional loan-granting platforms, this is a very low APR.

Final Say

By now, it’s clear that BlockFi has a lot to offer any cryptocurrency enthusiast interested in increasing the overall value of their portfolio.