Interestingly in LaraHYIP, you can’t find the typical Plan Settings in Admin, you need the Super Admin Control (Access) to do the Plan Settings. We followed a simple theory of User Experience Design and separated One Time Settings to Super Admin and reduced the admin panel for Day-to-Day Admin Tasks. This gives more clarity in User Interface and as developer makes it easy for us to implement security layers and logging.
Go to Super Admin / Manage / Deposit Plans
HYIP Add Plan Screen
Add Plan name, Plan type, Duration & set Duration Key. Supported Plan Types
  • Daily (all days)
  • Business Daily ( Only Monday to Friday) – no interest on Saturday & Sunday
  • Hourly
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly
HYIP Add Plan Screen
Fill-in the Min Amount, Max Amount, and Interest Rate ( in Percentage )
HYIP Add Plan Screen
Set the Status for the Plan. Only the Plans in active state are available for members to deposit.
HYIP Add Plan Screen
If you need any help in setting up the plans, contact the technical support team. Our team members will guide you to set the plan. Setting right Plan is essential for HYIP Success.

Free Installation

LaraHYIP comes with free installation. Our team members will do the installation of software in your server. Please check the server requirements
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