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We put our best efforts to answer the most common questions asked about the HYIP Manager Script.

More Questions

Product Development

What's the Current Version ?

The current version of LaraHYIP is V 1.0 – Beta.  We are working with a set of hand picked beta testers and improving the product quality and user experience

When the Version 1.0 will be released

The LaraHYIP V1.0 is planned to release on May 26, 2017

Technology Stack

What's the Technology Stack used ?

We used PHP 7.1 & MySql. Our test and demo servers are  VPS on the Digital Ocean

For programming, we used


  • Laravel Framework 5.4.*


  • Bootstrap UI Framework 3.0

Themes and Templates

Do you provide Themes and Templates ?


The software is developed as Easy to Skin. But being the core team is busy with product development, we are not currently working on Templates. But our team is planning to launch co-development with fewHYIP Theme and Template Design Companies to launch our template gallery


Do you provide install wizard & install guide ?
    • In laravel eco-system, the common practice among developers is to use the CLI (Command Line Interface) for setup. For webmasters, it is difficult to setup and work. So we offer FREE INSTALLATION service.


Do you provide Hosting Services ?
      • No, we are not offering Hosting Services. We recommend the Digital Ocean VPS