FAQ. Answered

We put our best efforts to answer the most common questions asked about the HYIP Manager Script.
What's the Current Version ?

The current version of LaraHYIP is V 5.0.  The software is fully tested and available for Turn-Key Installation.

What's the Technology Stack used ?

We used PHP 8.x & MySql.

For programming, we used

  • Laravel Framework 8.X
  • Our test and demo servers are  VPS on the Digital Ocean
  • CSS Framework Used: TailwindCSS
  • JS Libarary Used : AlpineJs, VueJS
Do you provide Themes and Templates ?

Yes, we have the Templates. Please contact us through Live Chat or the Contact form, we’ll share the details.

Do you provide install wizard & install guide ?
In the laravel eco-system, the common practice among developers is to use the CLI (Command Line Interface) for setup. We offer FREE INSTALLATION service.
Do you provide Hosting Services ?
No, we are not offering Hosting Services. We recommend the Digital Ocean VPS.