LaraHYIP – V5

Launch your own HYIP Website with most advanced HYIP Manager Script

Heroic HYIP Script Features

Designed with most demanded features of the modern HYIP Management Software

Flexible Investment Plans

LaraHYIP supports Hourly, Daily, Daily (Week Days only), Daily variable interest (Admin can update interest value daily) Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Endless Plan

Simple & Compounding Interest

LaraHYIP supports simple interest and compound interest models. Also has a Interest Calculator to see ROI on fly.

Integrated Payment Gateways

LaraHYIP supports Bitcoin, Payeer, Skrill, Netteller, AdvCash, Paypal, Bankwire, Solid Trust Pay and Perfect Money.

Refferal & Level Commission

Build up attractive referral and level commission plans and make it easy for your investors to earn on reference.

Forced Matrix Settings

LaraHYIP supports forced matrix ( m x n ) to encourage the investors to refer and earn Multi Level Commission

Internal Fund Transfer

Internal Fund Transfer enables the investors to use the system as a banking system and get funds flowing

First Deposit Bonus & Performance Bonus

Admin can set the bonus for first deposits and on referral income based performance bonus

Fee Settings

Admin has the controls over the fees include withdraw fee, transfer fee and fees are accumulated in admin earnings.

Advanced Features making LaraHYIP – the Best HYIP Software in the FinTech Software Industry.

Tailwind Based Responsive Web Design - Mobile Ready

Translation & Localization Ready - Change any label / words from super admin panel

Referral Banner System with Copy+Paste html code

Invite Friends option for Members with Referral Link

In-built Database Backup from admin panel

Developed on Laravel PHP Framework - Developer Friendly

IP Based Firewall Routing System - for additional security. Whitelist / Blacklist IP

In-built CMS, add News, Pages, FAQ, Monitoring Codes

Mass Mail Option for admin to make announcement

Separate Admin & Super Admin for better control

Integrated Support Ticket System for easy to manage trackable communication

Editable Email Templates and support for SMTP for email

Option to collect the KYC documents from Investors

Mobile App for HYIP

Improve the Investor Experience with HYIP Mobile App for Android. A great tool to get your investors connected and motivated.

PhpHYIPManagerScript now has another great add-on module; an Android Mobile Application.  The mobile app is built with native android SDK and serves as a good companion tool to attract investors.  The mobile app adds value to your business model. The mobile app seamlessly works with the web member panel. The HYIP Mobile App is integrated with Push Notifications. This makes the app more attractive and useful.

  • Secure: Connected over SSL to the server 
  • Rich User Experience: The app designed with a clear presentation on Investments and Earnings Data
  •  Push Notifications: Instantly get notifications on key events and actionable items
HYIP Software – Key Features


Developing HYIP Manager Script as a Product needs planning and skillful project management. With a dedicated core development team under an experienced Project Manager, we craft the product and enjoy the journey making by apply standard versioning.

PHP HYIP Manager Script – Public Site Features

Structural Features



  • Tailwind Based Responsive Design
  • Mobile Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Route based access
  • IP Based firewall protection
  • SSL Ready
  • SEO Friendly

Pages Module

  • Editable Welcome Page
  • Unlimited Pages (Pre-built welcome, about, security, terms, privacy policy pages)

CMS Modules

  • Home Slider
  • News Module
  • FAQ Module
  • Testimonial

Dynamic Pages

  • Investment Plan Page with Interest Calculator
  • Promotional Banners Page with Easy to use HTML Code
  • Partners Pages with Monitoring Code
  • Contact Page with Address Columns

Statistical Data

  • Basic Site Statistics
  • Top 10 Members by Referral Deposit
  • Top 10 Members by Deposit
  • Recent Depoits
  • Recent Payouts

PHP HYIP Manager Script – Member Features

Users, Registration & Login

  • Member Registration Form
  • Forgot Password
  • Reset Password
  • Separate Login page for Members, Staff, Admin & Superadmin

Referral Links

  • Unique Referral Link for Members
  • Cookie Setup for Referral


  • Informative Dashboard with Account Balance
  • Stats on Active Despoits, Lifetime Deposits and Lifetime Earnings
  • Stats on Referrals and earning theough referral

Member Profile

  • Standard Profile Fields
  • Optional Profile Fields
  • KYC Document Upload
  • E-Mail Verification Status
  • Mobile Verification Status
  • KYC Verification Status

Deposit Module

  • Make Deposit
  • View Deposit by Plan
  • Pre-close a Deposit
  • Deposit Acknowledgement Mails
  • Deposit Cerificate PDF

Deposit Methods

  • Deposit by Bank Wire
  • Deposit by Paypal (Simple Email & Rest API method)
  • Deposit by OK Pay
  • Deposit by Bitcoin (supporting CoinPayments, BitPay, & Direct Wallet )
  • Deposit by Payeer
  • Deposit by Netteller
  • Deposit by Solid Trust Pay
  • Deposit by AdvCash
  • Deposit by Paystack
  • Deposit by Litecoin(Direct Wallet)
  • Deposit by Ethereum (Direct Wallet)
  • Deposit by Bitcoin Cash(Direct Wallet)


  • Withdraw Request
  • Withdraw Status Checking
  • Withdraw History


  • Interest Reports
  • Invite Stats

Invite Friends

  • Invite Friends Form
  • Invite Friends Mail

My Pay Accounts

  • Save multiple pay accounts for user for enabling Auto withdrawal


  • View Downlines as Tree
  • View Downlines as List

Support Tickets

  • Create Support Tickets
  • Attachments for Tickets
  • View Open & Closed Tickets
  • Response to Tickets


  • Transaction Password on withdraw
  • One-time Password on Fund Transfers

PHP HYIP Manager Script – Admin Features

Informative Dashboard

Admin dashboard designed to show the important data and stats. It also includes the action items like Pending Deposits & Pending KYC Approvals

Action Items

This page displays all the action items that need admin attention including the Deposit Approval and KYC Approval

User Management

Simply list all the Users and ability to filter by status. The admin can also create Members and Support Staff

User Details and User Impersonate

As an administrator, you can view all details related to the user in a single page. Additionally you can see his Activity Logs and Login History. You can also use Impersonate – by clicking “Login as User” option. This gives more control to manage the user info

Deposit Management

View and manage all the deposits grouped by the status include New (Pending), Active Deposits, Matured Deposits, Released Deposits

Deposit Management

View and manage all the deposits grouped by the status include New (Pending), Active Deposits, Matured Deposits, Released Deposits and Rejected Deposits

Withdraw Management

In withdraw management section, administrator can see the list of all pending withdraws and completed withdraws. The withdraws can also be processed from there

Admin Earnings

The admin earning section includes the list of all incomes generated in the site include commissions and fees

Support Tickets

Administrator can view all the Support Tickets initiated by the members and the details of the ticket and it’s response from staff members. This gives admin a good control over the support system

Activity Logs

Activity logs helps the administrator to get overview of the key events happening in the web site and will help to debug in case any issue

Fund Transfers

The software supports fund transfer. Admin can view the list of transfers between the members.


Currently the software uses MailChimp for the Newsletter Management. More exhaustive modules are in development.

Contact us Submissions

Admin can view all the contact us form submissions as data list View.

PHP HYIP Manager Script – Super Admin Features


We grouped the key settings and variables in an easily updatable form. The key settings include the following

  • Site Name
  • Site Title
  • Site Logo
  • Site Currency
  • Referral Commission
  • Level Commission (separated by comma)
  • matrix Width
  • Default Pagination Limit
  • Admin Email
  • Contact Address
  • Captcha (Google Re-captcha) Site Key
  • Member profile additional fields active status
  • Slack Channel and Slack web Hook
  • Withdraw amount minimum and maximum
  • Fund Transfer Min and Max Amount
  • Page Banner Images
  • Site Started Date
  • Withdraw amount minimum and maximum
  • Mailchimp Status
  • Nexmo Status
  • Site Started Date

ENV Editor

Env Editor enables to control the key server related environment variable include database, api keys, smtp info, mail from address and site name. These are one time settings used when you make any server level settings.

Languages and Localisation

The software uses the file based language system. As a super admin you add any language and change any text /label in the system


Block or unblock any IP or IP range. Simple blocklist or whitelist the IP

Backup Manager

Backup Manager helps you to take scheduled backups. It includes the files and databases.

Error Logs

Error logs help the system admin to debug any critical failures or cron failures

User Management

Super admin can create – delete – reset password – for any user in User Management Page


Under the manage section, the superadmin can manage all the functions related to the software. The key Management tools include


  • Deposit Plan Management
  • Deposit Bonus Management
  • Registration Bonus Management
  • Payment Gateways
  • Accounting Codes
  • News
  • Exchange / HYIP Monitoring Codes
  • Referral Banners
  • Homepage Sliders
  • FAQ
  • Testimonials
  • Ticket Category, Status, Priority
  • Testimonials


Supported Payment Processors on LaraHYIP

the Advanced HYIP Manager Software

Paypal,  Bitcoin,  Skrill,  Netteller,  AdvCash,  Payeer,  PerfectMoney,  SolidTrustPay, Litecoin,   Bankwire, Paystack, Ethereum,  Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Coingate, Epin.

Paypal HYIP Script
advcash HYIP Script
Payeer HYIP Script
Skrill HYIP Script
Neteller HYIP Script
Paystack HYIP Script
Perfect Money HYIP Script
SolidTrust HYIP Script
CoinPayments HYIP Script
bitpay HYIP Script HYIP Script
Ok pay  HYIP Script
bitcoin HYIP Script
coingate HYIP Script
litecoin HYIP Script
epin HYIP Script
bitcoin cash HYIP Script
ethereum HYIP Script

Developer Friendly

The 99% of the source code is open to extend and customize. Developers with PHP / Laravel knowledge can extend or build new modules.

The template (view) files are open, so it is easy for developer to built the design using the Bootstrap UI framework.

The coders with Developer License will get the Git (SVN) access to collabrate with the core development team.

developer friendly hyip software
HYIP Software Professional Installation

Professional Installation

All purchases comes with FREE professional insallation from core development team

HYIP Software Free Upgrades

12 Months Free Upgrades

Our core team has a product development road map and keep giving you updates free

HYIP Script Support

Support by Chat / Slack

Our professional technical support team available on LIVE Chat and Official Slack Channel to help