Best HYIP Script Software 2019

Best HYIP Manager Script Software 2019

Starting your own hyip website is still the best small business model in 2019. By taking advantage of crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, the HYIP Script Market takes a new edge.

Developing competitive HYIP Script as product is a challenge for any development team.  Our development team is working hard to make it happen. We are working on new features and improved user experience to make PhpHYIPManagerScript as the Best HYIP Script Software 2019.

We reworked many pages to VueJS to make it more dynamic and improve user experience. The following components are redesigned with VueJs

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Homepage Slider
  3. HYIP Calculator

Security of HYIP website is still a major challenge for the technical development team. With the use of Blockchain Technology like Bitcoin, the deposit and withdraw process is transparent and adds more value to the investors. In hyip software, we implemented standard SSL based encryption and also add needful add-on for Spam Prevention and Identify Verification.

For spam prevention, the Google Re-captcha adds more value. It takes away the bot based registration and make sure the registerer is the human.

For Identify Verification,  the standard KYC process is implemented. It gives the administrator needful details to serve for the legality of the investors.

The Laravel Framework has the encryption layer over the Cookies and Session Data. This makes the security stronger.  Our HYIP Development team also implemented firewall tool based on IP.  With geo IP based firewall, the script adds additional security layer.

The biggest challenge in HYIP Script 2019 is the mobile responsiveness. With the use of HTML 5 and CSS and the great CSS Framework like TailwindCSS and Bootstrap the design challenge is tackled effectively.

User Experience in HYIP Websites is the key challenge for designers. By applying standard UX Principles and following the 2 step rule, we improved the user experience.

To know about the HYIP Script Development Roadmap, please contact our technical team. We also invite developers and webmasters to tryout HYIP Software for Free and do the Beta Testing.

Thanks for your support, let’s make the PhpHyipManagerScript as the Best HYIP Manager Script Software for 2019.