With the cryptocurrency world gaining mainstream attention, it is only natural that many people are interested in this topic. Bitcoin has been the standard for cryptocurrencies; its “rise to fame” story has been a source of speculation for many years. But, as time passes, people begin to wonder, “What is the next Bitcoin?” Or, to put it another way, what is the next prominent cryptocurrency? Over the next few years, Bitcoin’s price fluctuated dramatically; when it finally reached and surpassed the $1 mark, it was a special day for the coin, and some people thought it had “made it.

The next Bitcoin

It is worth noting that Bitcoin’s story has been textbook material. Not only because it was the first cryptocurrency of its kind, but also because there were so many speculations and market events during its lifespan that it has simply become an icon of instant millionairedom.

Numerous factors influence the usefulness of cryptocurrencies. First and foremost, they would most likely require a specific type of mission, implying that the “useful thing that you want to happen” will occur immediately after you pay an amount of that cryptocurrency, with no other steps involved. After all, the coin’s usefulness will be one of the determining factors in determining what the next Bitcoin is.

If cryptocurrency falls short in some areas of usage and cannot keep up with the market, it will die out sooner or later. A good coin is looked after by teams of people who manage the coin’s position on the blockchain, ensure that transaction speeds are adequate and even create and develop side projects related to the cryptocurrency in question.

A potentially profitable cryptocurrency should also be open source. Even though Ripple is an outlier in this regard, decentralized cryptocurrencies typically outperform centralized ones. Because cryptocurrency is open-source, others can contribute to its well-being and development, which hasten the coin’s rise to the top.

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Final Thoughts

According to popular studies, the three leading contenders for the next prominent cryptocurrency are Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.