Titanium’s journey started in early 2018 when the initiative raised an outstanding $35 million in its initial coin offering (ICO). The Titanium ICO not only performed well financially but was also accredited by well-known companies Dun and Bradstreet (data analysis) and Better Business Bureau (not-for-profit trust ratings).

Their primary goal revolves around the concept of “Infrastructure as a Service,” or IaaS for short. IaaS is a service that offers servers, routers, firewalls, and switches.

Titanium alleged that bandwidth prices had dropped so dramatically it is now cheaper for businesses to rent or lease these services rather than purchase their own. As a result, a third party, such as Titanium, can now manage these infrastructure services.

Titanium will also focus on the “Platform as a Service” industry, which includes shared server services provided by major corporations such as GoDaddy and Amazon Web Services. Essentially, these platforms allow developers to focus on writing code rather than worrying about supporting technology. These two projects (dubbed the Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Service — TBIS) will be built on the Ethereum blockchain.

What Makes the Titanium Blockchain Unique?

The Titanium blockchain’s main advantage over competitors such as Amazon Web Services is that the entire network will be decentralized. This is significant because there has recently been a lot of media interest in “Net Neutrality.”

Net neutrality is the perception that the internet should be equal for all users and that no content should be prioritized based on who delivers it. For example, there is a widespread belief that major corporations such as Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube have priority over internet speeds, implying that users will experience a higher quality connection when visiting those sites rather than smaller groups.

Because their cloud-based platform is built on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, no single authority will have control over it, making net neutrality issues obsolete.

Titanium’s developers claim that the cloud platform will be available 99.9% of the time, implying minimal downtime. On the other hand, centralized servers used by Amazon Web Services and Azure frequently experience outages, forcing those who rely on them to wait until they are repaired.

Because the Titanium platform is decentralized and uses thousands of nodes, the network is virtually impenetrable to hackers. This means that for a hack to be successful, every single node on the system must be hacked, which is nearly impossible.

These features and benefits helped the Titanium ICO reach its funding goal! Now that you know what the project does and how it differs from anything else on the market, let’s take a quick look at the Titanium team.

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