We know that Paypal is the most common payment system used online, has refused to take valuable donations for Wikileaks, an independent journalist firm that has published more government documents. How long will it be before social justice warriors and other financial institutions threaten to freeze bank accounts through false accusations? What can people do to guarantee their livelihoods? Here are reasons for people to start using Bitcoin.

There is no middle man

Bitcoin actively removes the middle men of banks and Paypal. The same way the internet has allowed individuals to connect with their audience directly, Bitcoin permits individuals to get paid by their audience directly.

There are no transaction fees

With no middle man there are no bank fees, no cut for Amazon or iTunes, and no 3rd parties taking your profits and hard-earned money. Moreover micro-payments are simple. If you like to charge 23 cents for a blog post then with Bitcoin you can. Since there are no transaction fees, Bitcoins actively make micro-payments easy, permitting you to monetize content in facile manner.

There is no bank corruption

By effectively utilizing Bitcoin permits you to opt out of that corrupt system and the same way people have opted out of other corrupt institutions. With usage of Bitcoin doesn’t just withdraw your support from the banks, but from the Federal Reserve and the whole corrupt financial enterprise.

It is wholly anti fragile

If global user’s assets are entirely in USD or American banks, you run the risk that of currency devaluation which will destroy your portfolio. But Bitcoin actively permits you to diversify your currency and guarantee that even if the American government destroys its economy, people still have another account of value.

It’s simple to use

Bitcoin is amazingly simple to use. If global users have got an online store, services like bitpay will permit their customers to pay Bitcoin easily.

More close to anonymous

While not wholly anonymous, Bitcoin permits sellers to accept payments under a pseudonym or wallet address, without utilizing their real name. For writers who like to preserve their anonymity, or maintain a private life, Bitcoin is best match for them.