It is interesting to know that the popular Bitcoin was professionally developed by an anonymous person who goes by the cover name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Moreover recently over $260 million of venture capital has been injected into Bitcoin companies to date, and more than 50% of that was actually invested in 2014 alone.

So therefore this eminent Bitcoin reduces the cost of financial transactions to almost nothing. Altogether this Bitcoin isn’t just a currency. Data could be stored directly on the Bitcoin blockchain which actively enabling developers to develop so many various kinds of applications that people haven’t even thought of most of them yet.

When Bitcoin will be used by all?

For making Bitcoin mainstream, someone require to make a viral Bitcoin product that everyone utilizes. Likely, the people using this product will not even be aware that it’s actually powered by popular Bitcoin.

To create the chances of this viral Bitcoin application being developed sooner rather than later, we require increasing the amount of smart people experimenting with Bitcoin and starting organizations. There is so much golden opportunity in Bitcoin and even many important things could be performed that global users have thought of but nobody is doing them yet.

Where should I go to learn about Bitcoin?


It is best community of Bitcoin experts answering questions about Bitcoin on regular basis. These are the individuals you like to be learning from. Maybe you’ll even start a firm you wish to join or an investor who will fund your future Bitcoin startup.


CoinDesk is one of the popular Bitcoin publications. They actually write about breaking news and commentary on the current industry. People do require having somewhat of an understanding of Bitcoin to follow along with their articles.

Where you should get your First Bitcoin

It is enumerated that Coinbase would be the simplest way to get your first Bitcoin. They are basically an online Bitcoin bank and been around for years. They have raised $30 million in funding and major reputed merchants accepting Bitcoin work with them. You can also try Bitstamp. They are also familiar place to buy and sell Bitcoins.