Part 1: Investment Plan Builder

HYIP is one of the best businesses today that actually pays very high profit in a very short time. HYIP is a popular program that builds up profit from contributions of conventional internet users. It is possible to start your own online business with the mechanics of Advanced HYIP Software – Part 1: Investment Plan Builder. Primarily the HYIP script is developed using the advanced technologies to deliver all your HYIP business needs.
It is learnt that the users are so much interested to earn money through online by investing in various investment funds, investment projects, HYIP, various companies cryptocurrency, ICO, etc. etc. In case if you are just starting out online investor, if you like to really make the network then you can try the plans which can be of Simple Interest or Compounding Interest.
The advanced HYIP Invest Plan Manager makes it easy to create following features namely

Daily Plan

The administrator can build customized investment plans that can be displayed on the user-facing side of the website. The plan builder allows Daily Plan

Daily Business Plans

It is illustrated that the best HYIP Script supports Hourly, Daily, Daily (Week Days only), Daily variable interest (Admin can update interest value daily) Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and Endless Plan.

Weekly Plans

Apart from weekly plans a good Bitcoin HYIP Script supports simple interest and compound interest models. Also has an Interest Calculator to see ROI on fly.

Monthly Plans

If you are looking for unique, comprehensive, and affordable HYIP solutions for your investment business, then you must get quality Cryptocurrency HYIP Software to have easy monthly plans, Quarterly Plans and Yearly Plans for users. Moreover the plans can be of Simple Interest or Compounding Interest.
Most of the recently introduced high yield investment programs are in the cryptocurrency sector. The good lists of cryptocurrency HYIP has no end and more is been introduced every day. In order to detect a high yield investment program which is simple and users can look out for Best HYIP Script.