Now that people have been hearing lot from the reputed HYIP Selecting Tricks conference held recently and checked out number of superlative upcoming strategies, I’m in the passionate mood for some special aspects more than ever before.

To start with, just choosing the HYIP investment is more like sophisticated at the more advanced level, far from being a stereotyped thing, for which it is impossible to make a universal instruction. Each cases and situation is wholly unique and every detail is vital.

First, you must forget all what articles about selecting HYIP usually teach. The data of screening portals, standard tests for design, marketing, feedback forums are all unnecessary and unreliable source of information.

The only thing that could still serve as quality at selecting is a domain and technical details of the project: how it is professionally protected, which script is qualitatively installed, and primarily how the persuasive admin is prepared for the several attacks and how he utilizes and expediently implementing the needed functionality. HYIPs for professionals are somewhat tricky business, where every information’s and every sidestep means actually something.

Here is a small instance. Say, you like the project, and you actually do not mind investing in it, as all is according to the standard, and the administration is simply responsive. But you notice that the thread is almost inactive, say, on a HYIP forum. A more detailed analysis enumerates that all the activity is carried out by so-called paid posters that virtually invest in the project on a paid basis.

So certainly the beginner might not notice this and assume that the project is gaining positively steam, but it means absolutely the opposite for specialists — as there is no activity in the project, and all is actually paid. Thus considered such a project is dead for professionals. Important part of your professional experience is the inside knowledge of the HYIP — information about several situations and what different HYIP admin’s could do.

The second important criterion is the presence of information sources. The main criterion for evaluating and choosing on investing for experienced investors is discussed professionally. Most managers with a reputation work mainly go through inside information. More such sources you have — the more secured and richer you are. You can also contact with long-term forum residents, communicate with quality managers and establish relations with admins of several projects. The latter is difficult to achieve and you require giving him something that he would be able to applaud. But if you have got trust and confidence the relationship with the admin, you are certainly to hit the major jackpot.

Finally in such cases your deposit would be wholly secured, and the admin will constantly share information about real intentions and actions in the prosperous project.

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