You can come across lots of HYIP systems today and they come in several forms. They are in the form of Forex trading, commodity trading, cryptocurrency investment, cryptocurrency mining and even normal business or investment. This article enumerates you some examples of few HYIP users might have come across every day and also Understanding the several kinds Of HYIP would do benefit lot.

Kinds of HYIP Systems


We know that Forex trade is the act of trading and exchanging currency. They are the simplest form, it is a prediction game to see if a currency would gain value or lose value against another currency. If your prediction is accurate you get the profit else you just lost. For few reasons, Forex could be referring to as HYIP systems because of the high return involve and the risk.

It actually means that if you place $200 and your prediction is right within a minute your profit will be about $190. Now global users can understand why Forex could be referring to as a type of HYIP system.

Cryptocurrency Investment

It is illustrated that most of the cryptocurrency investment platform runs as ponzi schemes and this is the reason why they are mostly HYIP. Cryptocurrency investment provides unbelievable return of investment. For instance one of the bitcoin investment platforms offers 30% return of investment in just 6 days. So imagine investing $300 worth of btc and getting $360 worth of btc in just 6 days. Getting that profit in such a short period of time is massively unbelievable. Also note that been an online platform your capital is at risk hence be careful and invest wisely.

Crypto HYIP

This kind of high yield investment always comes in form of cryptocurrency mining. With this platform one can professionally mine and earn lots of bitcoin within a short period of time. For instance split mining offer 2.64% return of investment paid out every hour for 60days. This actually means that within the period of time users would have earned at the least half of your investment.

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